“RFPs are fun.”

said nobody, ever.

RFPs aren’t super exciting, but they serve an important purpose. We’re always delighted to respond, win or lose. Our approach to RFPs is pretty human. We try to be concise, clear, and hopefully compelling.

If there’s any thing we can do to help you as you embark on your RFP, please reach out. We’ve seen a lot, and we’re happy to help.

If you want to be certain we’re responding to your RFP, please send a note to Chris Hartfield at chartsfield@valore.com, who leads our RFP team.

The rest of this page is intentionally left blank.

decorative paper plane with dotted line

“That’s an old RFP joke. If you’d written an RFP before, I’d be sitting here waiting for you to stop laughing” — Ted Lasso

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