Retention. Is. Everything.

Imagine the trajectory of a student graduating in a field they love, and magnifying that talent and curiosity throughout their career and life. Then picture that trajectory dying on the vine somewhere alongside the sticker shock of course materials. This happens all the time. And the long term cost to society is unbearably high.

So we picked a fight.

We built and acquired a set of course material platforms that drive a virtuous cycle toward affordability which isn’t found anywhere else in the industry.

We designed an equitable access program that delivers content to students for a flat, equal, and low price, which allows them to pursue their major completely undeterred.

We recruited A+ humans who believe this is a fight worth fighting.

We hit our heads against the wall, paced, and agnoized through building technology and warehouse solutions to execute our plans for both physical and digital materials.

We struck partnerships we needed to strike.

Now our gloves are off, and we’re ready to fight alongside you to keep students on track and nudge the world in a positive direction.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

— Nelson Mandela