How Valore GO works

Valore Go
Valore GO boosts retention with Equitable Access, keeping students on track toward graduation without the distraction and pain of course materials.
Every student gets the materials they need delivered to their door, inbox, or campus store before the first day of class, for a flat price across the board that is wrapped into tuition.
Physical books ship and are returned in our friendly packaging.
Digital content is delivered and accessed with ease.
No shopping, no hassle.
Valore GO is retaining students and nudging the world in a better direction, one campus at a time.
Boost Retention

Our Equitable Access program can improve retention by as much as 5% in the very first year.

What is the value of retaining 5% more students on a 4,000 student enrollment campus with $10,000 tuition over ten years?

Graduates cap ico


2,000 more graduates

Revenue money ico


$40 Million + in revenue

Champions trophy ico


2,000 alumni giving back for life

Carried across every campus, these numbers are enough to change the world. Retention is everything, and course materials alone can drive it upward.