How we do it.

Our technology, ground game, and partnerships create a formidable course materials operation not replicated anywhere in the industry. This enables us to reinvent a course materials strategy just for you.

Here’s a peek behind the scenes, followed by an introduction to our Equitable Access plan called GO, as well as our Retail plan.

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Course materials technology

Technology is our foundation, and we own it. Our point of sale and content management platform crushes.

  • Single database design
  • Native to the cloud
  • 100% web based
  • Powerful course material fulfillment
  • Visually awesome GM management
  • Unified ecommerce
  • ADA compliant
  • Fun to use
  • Mobile friendly
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We own a textbook marketplace called Valore Books. It's pretty darn big, with millions of books available every day at market prices.

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Here's an example of just one book with nearly 600 offerings on our marketplace.

  • Transparent market efficiency students can trust
  • Deep seller network
  • Access to more inventory than big-box stores ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Data to help faculty make good adoption decisions
  • Simply put, it’s an inventory and data machine focused squarely on textbooks
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Adoption platform

We partner with Verba to deliver the best content adoption experience for faculty. Unparalleled transparency into cost and alternatives helps faculty make the best possible decision with student outcomes in mind.

Course materials technology
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Digital content

We partner with VitalSource to offer virtually every title digitally, and each one is packed with features to help learners of all abilities succeed.

Vital Source
  • Over a million titles available
  • Student choice of various formats
  • Downloadable (offline content)
  • Notes and highlighting
  • Flashcards and review mode
  • Read aloud and other assistive technologies
  • Wikipedia lookup
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Physical content & warehouse ops

We embrace digital content, and at the same time see a strong demand by both faculty and students for physical textbooks. Physical books create affordable alternatives, and in our view, they will continue to have a long shelf life. To this end, we own hundreds of thousands of feet of warehouse, and the operational chops to turn the gears. This ensures every student has content in the format they need.

Our warehouse, combined with our technology, becomes the beating heart that brings our plans below to life. We couldn’t think of a good image to use here, so we’re rolling with a little heart. Boom boom.

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Our plans are straightforward and can get off the ground on your campus in no time. Here’s a preview. You can learn more on our Equitable Access page and our Retail page.

Equitable Access

Valore GO

Valore GO boosts retention with Equitable Access, keeping students on track toward graduation without the distraction and pain of acquiring course materials.

Every student gets the materials they need delivered to their door, inbox, or campus store before the first day of class, for a flat price across the board that is wrapped into tuition.

Physical books that ship are easily returned.

Digital content is accessed with ease, delivered directly to the students' account.

No shopping, no hassle.

Valore GO is about retaining students and nudging the world in a better direction, one campus at a time.

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Retail (physical, virtual, or hybrid)

On Premise Lease + Valore GO

25 years and 100+ stores under our belt

Leased management covers course materials, merchandise, mail room, and all the gooey stuff in-between.

Valore GO can run alongside our traditional retail model to boost retention and give maximum optionality to students.

Full general merchandise management and marketing.

Competitive commissions


A winning staff that unites with your campus culture, eliminating the burden of running a store while creating a seamless experience for students and faculty.

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